Shanghai – gravestone abandoned along with the Jewish Cemetery = garbage that has been destroyed in the Cultural Revolution

July 17, 2011, U.S. newspaper the Los Angeles Times reported on its conservation and destruction of the Jewish cemetery in Shanghai.The 20th, a ring and ball Times has reported.

Rural suburbs of Shanghai.In the land which the house that were discarded in the middle of construction and waste, and corn fields are aligned, Dvir Bar-Gal’s came from Israel.Its purpose it to search for tombstone buried in soil.It is a relic of the Jews that was lost from this town already.

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Ten years ago, Dvir Bar-Gal’s purchased a tombstone of the Jews in the antique shop in Shanghai.It is considered a mission of their own that you seek out the tombstones since abandoned.During World War II, and evacuated 30,000 people of the Jews in Shanghai, theater and church, school was previously built.And there was a cemetery of four places.

In 1958, the Shanghai municipal government was transferred to the international Oyakehaka foreign cemetery all, but have been destroyed in the Great Cultural Revolution.It has been used as a building stone many of the tombstones was robbed.You will not be able remains of Jews who uncovered the tomb Sagashiateru more.Still Dvir Bar-Gal’s is continuing and recovery alone one that is abandoned in trash.

I found the tombstone of 105 pieces so far.We hope he would like to enshrined in Jewish Memorial at the Shanghai Hongkou District, but the District Government rejected.That he used to bring bad fortune.And let me put in the tomb Buddhism a certain tombstone, but there is also that no one is management, that may even be stolen.

Avrum Ehrlich Mr. Shandong University of Judaism and multi-religious Research Center, commented that it is a thing that indicates a problem of Chinese politics miserable environment surrounding the tombstone of the Jews, that is lacking in humanitarian spirit.(Translation and editing / KT)

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