Get a driver’s license the first European man, of Spain to handle a foot-operated

To take the driver’s license of an automobile, it is not so easy to be an able-bodied person.

Men without arms living in Spain, seems to have played a pass in the operation using the leg for the first time in Europe.

[I see the image]
David Rivas Mr. Spain, the Madrid-born (33 years), there is no right arm since birth, can not be used freely for stunted left arm also.

Car by way of a special modification was made to the Disabled, handle operation is so is made possible by the foot.

Bath’s had a strong interest in cars from a young age, but it seems I had not expected it can obtain driver’s license.

It was not so do not rest for over a month now work for testing practice and operation, we have been carrying 10 hours of practice per day.

It is said that looking forward from now that the she has to Bath, who is very pleased that it has passed, it’s a place next to.

Spanish man passes driving test steering with his feet

And say I’m “me chasing that” car to the customer that has boarded in a hurry “question on the relevant articles, taxi driver from [How to get a driver’s license Europe’s first man in Spain to handle a foot-operated] mule Q It was a?”
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