“I was admitted in drag pickled salary but also …… If you work!” Rehabilitation facility in Beijing

The 21st, the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau [b = Beijing Xinhua countries over the 22nd] has opened rehabilitation facility for drug dependent patients to “Chi GoYasushi Fuku-sha District”.Unlike forced rehabilitation facility of conventional management “semi-open-ended”.and by the patient to participate by the will of its own, it is possible to obtain a reward by operations such as processing consignments. As well as providing a free place to stay and food to patients, work also provided in this facility.Participating companies is to manage payroll, patients can receive the treatment well-being of employees as well as. However, it is necessary to Shisa-sho If there is in violation of the rules.To prevent the introduction of the drug into the facility, it becomes necessary to apply in the case away from the facility temporarily, it is necessary to receive the urine test and training on a daily basis.(Translated Naotsubomi / edit the translation Onda Yuki)

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