Somewhere and the first banks began escaped from TEPCO “loan” at last?

It’s nuclear damages bill support mechanism Diet has started at last, but it’s reality prospect of its formation is is not standing almost at the moment.Along with TEPCO’s watching drank the Katazu the whereabouts of its consideration, it’s trading Banking Group TEPCO none other.Suda Mr. Shinichiro of journalists commentary.

If you become even scrapped in that “If the debtor classification for TEPCO bank, it is not choice but to drop the” caution-to “from the current” normal borrowers “.Would be out TEPCO as they become so “(main bank executives of TEPCO)

Given the financial health of TEPCO of the current situation, it’s itself surprise which are classified as “normal borrowers” still, but even if I say normal borrowers to “bite, it is subdivided in the.That in the case of TEPCO’s normal destination of caution destination brink “and (bank executives supra).

In other words, it can be said to be in the situation it is not funny when you fall in time to watch destination TEPCO.

“If it comes to fall to caution destination hypothetically speaking, that you do not respond to the new loan Needless to say, no longer respond to (refinancing) roll over existing loans minute” (mega officer)

So far strongly request the rollover of loans for all financial institutions, TEPCO that suffer from anxiety in the financing, has accordingly also actively financial institutions side.But come here, the accident that’s about to occur in the corresponding financing of financial institutions side.

Part of the loan from the Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd., which accounts for one corner of the main transaction line to “the end of June I reached the repayment date.It’s me according to the refinancing of the six months period if you had up to now, but I have become a condition that one month period and only this time “(TEPCO stakeholders)

What these movements in Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, mean??

“As of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, other financial institutions or come What kind of movement to refinance, we find a new thing to want to assess the neighborhood” (big banks other officers)

If it is assumed he, bank side also there, though gradually to TEPCO but to say that it began to sink waist surely.

Even thinking about this situation, it’s worth watching the whereabouts of the debate described above.

※ 3, August 2011 SAPIO