Terrestrial digital transition or change the way TV station? – Kentaro Furukawa

(Except the three northeastern prefecture) full transition to digital land was complete carried out analog broadcasting at noon on July 24.It was on behalf of the digital terrestrial television already in my home, but the video is reflected neatly in analog mode.I was impressed because that is the> analog conversion, Naa’s so that there is no problem with the watch in analog TV to cable TV users – this is cable TV station digital.It is a translation became a terrestrial digital in passing to buy a new LCD television, but if you use a cable TV, because not nor did anything buy a new analog TV, that horseplay and’m what I thought.The following reasons are mentioned mainly in the site of DPA Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications for the purpose of DTB.

“Effective use of radio waves”
Effective use of radio waves if the objective, “How digitization” I wonder is related to the effective use.Even changes from analog to digital, band of frequencies being used is not drastically reduced.By frequency band to be used is moved and used in mobile phones and then, if the called meeting the wireless communication needs to be increased, to be moved by the frequency band while the analog I wonder that could not be?I wonder if there was a reason that can not be technically?

For example, it can be said as long as it made entry deregulation of increase => New TV station of the number of channels DTB => Available => and actively … of TV broadcasting, and the effective use of radio waves by the digitization.However, entry of new TV station’s unlikely to be the time being, even to digitize.Initial investment is high, and such usage fee of tower is also a likely high.Moreover, new entrants examination will become increasingly severe for broadcasting scandals frequent these days.Perhaps, it may be that disgraced in order to increase the barriers to entry.

Existing TV can be broadcast simultaneously three standard digital broadcast in one channel, but not broadcast at the same time only one channel in the high-definition broadcast.Because none of the high-definition is required, such as variety of normal, I think that it may be done in a single channel broadcasting more than one in response to needs that is diversified, but can not be expected that in the Civil Code.Because, when it comes to the broadcast at the same time that the three programs, one third will become a bit less or the same in three advertising fees not tripled.It’s a story that can not be in the management of the TV station.

So, it makes them become high-definition broadcast anything and everything.If you’ve done any of what I for terrestrial digital?And broadcasting interactive using the remote control have not been successful not good enough.Enough to participate in the quiz at best.I talk troublesome because it does not function first, and do not connect to the phone and Internet TV.

After all, I think that there is not only a self-satisfaction of television broadcasting technology digitization itself.I think in order for this to induce innovation really, it would be creating a competitive environment that is easy to new entrants.Rule of newspaper and key stations in Tokyo has a strong broadcasting in Japan, local content creation is poor.However, I think creating drama and news of the departure from local and may become more major.To do this, it’s no good administrative to protect existing TV station.

Would not make environment changes still considering the close relationship of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications and TV station.Venture you want to enter the broadcast go to invigorate broadcasting in the net.TV of “simultaneous broadcast” is a powerful.I think this is is required by the disaster, but not required much in peacetime.So, content distribution a variety of on the net will continue to accelerate as a broadcast to incorporate the diverse needs of peacetime.never terrestrial broadcasting is eliminated, but the number of viewers since vanishing surely, it will not go If you do not devalued more and more content creation cost.

TV stations will go to reduce the self-produced content more and more.It may come to retransmit the content of Internet media maybe.Like the power, I think it is only to distribution infrastructure, it would be to expand more the form of a purchase from production various entities to content.

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