criticism flooded the “destruction of evidence” and “break, to fill” in the railway accident treatment in China

The high-speed rail in China that caused the collision, (local time), the operation is restarted morning July 25, 2011 of a day and a half after only from the accident.Voice of “It’s destruction of evidence” is also one after another to correspond to the “smashing the accident vehicle, fill” and the restoration work.Chinese authorities are answerable or “make it easier to work”, but criticism is growing “nonsense,” “sick to the back teeth” or even from China.

The accident occurred 50 minutes around 20:00 July 23.According to the state-run Xinhua News Agency, it was stopped for some reason “D3115” issue in (Fujian Fuzhou bound), “D301” issue (same) is rear-end collision.4 cars of D301 vehicle that was rear-end collision has fallen from the viaduct.It is a disaster 38 people that die at least, Concerning the accident processing, criticism is one after another.

If original appeal “still, people also object also is in,” said the morning 24 next July, it is dismantled and early, train should be preserved for the cause of the accident investigation is filled ‘s they’ve been.

The video-sharing site in China, the video that contains the state that has a plurality of upload.In one of them, in the five-long shovel at least, it can be seen clearly how the roll the vehicle which has fallen under the overpass, to dismantle.Excavator another, digging a hole of 4-5 m depth.The onlookers,

It is also possible that there is also a scene that appeals “still, people and things also are in,” said demolition work is proceeding on leave of body work and housing rescue is not sufficiently complete.

In the comments section of this video,

“It’s a wild thing, and barbaric”
“It would be a disgrace, but should not fill impatient”
“Reluctant to mobilize the rescue operations, Na’m aggressive to fill the crime,” said the voice to criticize the corresponding authorities are everywhere.Among them, whether it is necessary to fill “Why.There is also a voice and “would need an explanation, ask for an explanation.

The New York Times, as the background,

It is reported, “According to the Ministry of Railways important technology at the national level are included in the train, because there might be stolen, that he must fill” said, Chinese authorities another I have described from the angle.

Midnight July 24 to beyond 24 hours have passed from the accident, the king Yuhei spokesman of the Ministry of Railways opened the conference.But, and this became the “tempest”.According to such as a web site of Phoenix TV in Hong Kong, initially, it was supposed to do a briefing intended for only two companies Central Television and the state-run Xinhua News Agency (CCTV) at noon the same day, but the company other than the complaints assertion.Conference was held in the form of re-partition.

King spokesman,

While claiming “technology of high-speed rail in China is advanced, self-confidence is there still,” said but, I mum to be “unable to answer survey results of the accident has not come out” for the cause of the rear-end collision.

Farce “All.Where can I find that there is sincerity “In addition, the reasons for filling the vehicle bottom line is,

There is no way but instead of want to fill “, can only fill.Situation in the field is complex, the ground in the quagmire, work was difficult.Further, it is necessary to perform corresponding to the vehicle other parallel.Explanation for that, and cover the soil above and fill in the lead vehicle, and “made it easy to work.On top of that,

(From the field) “I have been informed of such.Was Ihana~tsu It’s freedom you who may or may not believe, but I will “believe.Further, it is pointed out that when dismantling the vehicle is being performed rescue operation is already finished, the survival of one child was confirmed,

The so-what attitude “This is a miracle of life,” said large boo went up from the press.

Conference is aborted in about 30 minutes, while being mobbed reporters, Wang spokesman left the venue to flee.

Videos of this conference are also published on video sharing site.Partly because the conference opening, king spokesman showed an expression that looks to smile slightly, the comments,

Do you trust that white How do I “.Nausea is ”
Farce “All.Where can I find that there is sincerity ”
There is a problem in the technology of the state “Our.Ability DAME, DAME people, conscious that it is “safety first” is also a “no comment full of disgust to the authorities is often.

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