Yen bankruptcy, the period January to June 1999 2 premium for the previous fiscal year

Corporate bankruptcies were because of the yen’s appreciation of the period January to June 2011 that at 24, became the two premium compared to the same period last year, Investigators of Teikoku Databank private research firm was found.Has already occurred 1, even since the beginning of July, while the yen trend continues, there is a possibility that the yen bankruptcy increases in the future.

Appreciation of the yen against the dollar leads to a decrease of international competitiveness for exporters.May work positively for importers, but in some cases the loss of foreign exchange derivative contracts that were signed in order to prevent a decrease in revenue from the depreciation of the yen is in the wake of bankruptcy.And (9 in the same period of the previous year) 11, bankruptcy loss from derivatives of January-June period accounted for almost half (45.8%).

10 o’clock am July 26, dollar-yen exchange rate of the Tokyo foreign exchange market rushes to 77 yen per dollar.It has remained at 77 yen 95-98 sen at 11:00 time.17 days since March after the Great East Japan Earthquake, 77 yen level high level of the month or the first time in about 4.

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