H.I.S. Co., Ltd. and China version Shinkansen tour review after another JALPAK

In response to the accident of high-speed rail in China, unrest has spread to domestic travel company.Travel agency of some was discontinued package tours incorporating China version of the Shinkansen (CRH) already.

Brakes applied in the Senkaku issue, but China Travel momentum of the comeback in CRH also came out.There is also a voice you are concerned about the impact of the accident or not than prolonged.

Shanghai “There will also cancel” move by switching to the bus – H.I.S. Co., Ltd., which had prepared the course to use the CRH to move between Suzhou (HIS), 7 月 27 2011 year I switched to the bus move from day starting amount.

For this measure, HIS explanation “does not mean there was a voice of anxiety from you, but I decided (to switch to the bus) at the discretion of the Company” and.Without a cancellation at present, to speak to be “not expected to have impact on Tour”.

However, for it to be included in the tour ride to CRH, referred to as “I think sometimes you have ceased once (by this measure), and not for the time being”.The use resumption of CRH, and a correspondence with reviewing all the information, and verifying from the ride actually.

JALPAK was discontinued all of the package tour that incorporates the CRH.Tourists have left the country to China already supported by switching to the bus.It’s where you get in touch, are turning to the circumstances described in the starting prospective.Impact of the accident is greater popular with was just above the individual CRH tour of the company, and “there will be also canceled”, and feel regret.

Optional tours also stop accepting.You are full of correspondence in August both, but they said, “will judge while watching the situation” for the resumption of the tour.

On the other hand, Shanghai optional tour – are prepared CRH ride day tour of Suzhou between Kinki Nippon Tourist (KNT) is accepting continue to apply for this tour.Zhejiang Wenzhou of an accident on route connecting the Fuzhou and Guangzhou, “route is different from the tour” (KNT) body.

Some, there is a tour that uses the CRH to move in package tour company, but I’m continuing to departs directly from the difference in the route.Are you to stop the handling, to remain in business, such as arrangements for ticket fault section.

The effect of CRH accident, Jay Tee Bee largest (JTB) also talk to “(especially affected) not at the moment”.Almost no inquiry, no cancellation.

It is you’ve rushed the development of high-speed rail with the help of conventional lines in China landfill of accident vehicle fuel the anxiety further, but a proprietary dedicated orbit elevated in June 2011 Introduction of new vehicle.This is called “China version Shinkansen” and (CRH) train that runs between Shanghai – Beijing.

But CRH just opened such, trouble caused by the lightning strike on July 10 occurred.Failure of the transmission grid is one after another since then.The collision and derailment of high-speed rail that occurred in the 23rd Wenzhou, Zhejiang, and start train service in the morning on the 25th and finished the recovery work of elevated.But in the afternoon of that day, confusion has continued supply facility emergency power is stopped by an accident on the train, a delay of three hours extra and leave the train of more than twenty Now.

Under these circumstances, the video that would fill dug a hole in the ground while not elucidated, presumably due to flow in the country in the process of derailment after, distrust for the safety of the railway in China just raise.

Is a leading travel company, than “accident, (fill the accident vehicle) towards the image that is not good.To worry about it means that fan fear, and that it “made in the image down to the whole of China as a result.

According to the Japan National Tourism Organization, in 2010, there was a problem of the Senkaku archipelago number of visitors to China of Japanese, but there is also the Shanghai World Expo effect, 3.73 million people increased 12.5 percent year-on-year had become.

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