Sun McDonald’s quit TV CM come??One to One Marketing extraordinary or to succeed

“I will send the products recommended to you, discount coupons only for you”

Do you know that there is a company that is about to Deliver 10 million people a “discount coupon that is customized to each individual” such, it was not likely.The company is familiar McDonald’s hamburger.

It was decided to members of the mobile phone site, based on the data of the purchase history of the past and begin to issue discount coupons with different content in each and every McDonald’s.Is available on it or use it to print from the web site, is to present over-the-counter data that have been distributed by mail discount coupons in general.However, it is not only or a uniform, the contents of the discount is to have provides several pattern according to attributes such as age and gender at best.

However discount coupons of McDonald’s of this time, has become what you a detailed analysis of the customer’s buying history, to precisely set each and every discount that is appropriate to the person.This is called, “One to One Marketing” thing apart from the traditional marketing methods.There was no company that is a leading company in Japan until now, has conducted One to One Marketing depressed so far.

In the company of the web center, such as Amazon, there was the case of analyzing the purchase history of the past, to introduce the recommended product by e-mail or website.However, there is no example in the past such as the setting of discount terms tailored to each person in the real store of the leading companies, McDonald’s of this time would be nice to say the case of the full-scale introduction of the first substantially.

As the contents of the discount coupon specific,

“Frequency of visits is high, but the discount significantly hamburger customer ⇒ new sale do not buy hamburger hot off the press”
“The discounts and burgers that had been purchased well customer ⇒ traditional period of time, not coming to the store”
“Coffee will be free in the morning of customer ⇒ weekend to buy a coffee frequently during the day weekend”

It will be delivered by e-mail, etc..Coupon that has been sent by e-mail, you can use if Kazase a cell phone to a reader of McDonald’s store.

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