I spread concern “whether succumb to Sea Shepherd,” “whaling stop the option” to

Review Committee report of the Fisheries Agency has spread ripples – Japan succumb whether anti-whaling group Sea Shepherd to (SS).Such as by some of the major media has reported “scientific whaling stop the option” and.

Pros and cons of whaling aside, some officials point out “give the impression that the bow (the SS) to violence is a problem” and.

In response to the research whaling ship crew from Japan was slightly injured due to the SS “continues with a resolute attitude”, such as “acid bomb attack”, majority opinion research whaling in the Antarctic Ocean I was forced to stop activities in February 2011.

Provided in response to this research activity stop, July 26, 2011, “Study Committee on whale research whaling” (seven committee members) of the Fisheries Agency, published a report of the Interim Report was.

The report did on it was a large number of opinions and “should be continued in a resolute attitude” and the “should reduce or withdraw from cost-effectiveness and international criticism” that there was also minority opinion is written.In mind sabotage of the SS, if the survey continues, the importance of safety is emphasized.

Country is in a position to continue the investigation from the conventional, it is likely to be subject to majority opinion of this report, for the whaling fleet set sail investigation of the end of 2011, to promote the safety measures.

For implications touched to report “reduce or stop” as the minority opinion, perception is divided by media outlets.For example, the Yomiuri Shimbun (Tokyo final version) dated 27 July morning, while toll under the heading “option also shows the” Continue “also stop research whaling”, Nihon Keizai Shimbun heading of (same) is resolute “scientific whaling was a continuation “.

In response to news such as “choice also stop scientific whaling”, in a two-channel Twitter and the Internet, opinion of the pros and cons of whaling are aligned again.

SS voice of welcome to “stop whaling as well,” “not hoping whaling most people” “(even continue to whaling) reputation of Japan’s only become worse” and collected donations in protest ship recapture The larger.On the other hand, concern “would be to appeal to the world that it has succumbed to terrorist If you quit now,” and “to send the wrong message and study discontinuation due to sabotage” has also been received.

Official of the whaling-related promotion organizations, said, “Unfortunately,” about the “Stop” opinion was also listed in the report.There pros and cons to whaling you are aware, but in the timing sabotage of SS is seen as a problem internationally as well as “now”, it would seem, “Japan is likely to succumb (the SS) to violence.He pointed out that it “could be involved in the prestige of the state beyond the whaling issue.

July 15 (Japan time), the Annual General Meeting the International Whaling Commission (IWC) is a resolution calling for a measure on all nations to prevent the sabotage to the research whaling in Japan by SS I was adopted unanimously.Resolution of did on singled out the SS’s for the first time.

Currently, protest ship SS has been seized by order of the court of England.It is involved in projects that damages that broke the net of a fishing boat in Malta.The site of the SS, I have asked to have the support donation deposit required for the return of the protest ship (1 billion yen).

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