167 yen depreciation in 9900 yen cracking, the Nikkei average selling, buying ETF gimmick without observation of the Bank of Japan

Nikkei Stock Average of 14 minutes now 14 o’clock, remained at (-167.99 yen the previous day) ¥ 9,879.20.Nikkei afternoon session
Amid U.S. debt ceiling problem is to weight, average, ¥ 9900 against a backdrop of large-scale selling of futures
Interrupt, and have fallen to one o’clock 9853.85 yen (same -193.34 yen).ETF buying by the Bank of Japan
Amid such as observation also not heard, the situation of caution to the external environment smolder, disposal and selling gimmick
Dressed selling pressure is strengthened.Among them, Toyota and Honda from the yen sense of caution,
Weakness of export-related, such as Canon’s flagship is outstanding.

In the sector, amid all industries will fall, oil and coal, mining, insurance, transport equipment, information
Fall information and communication, such as glass, stone and clay is conspicuous.The rate rose higher, three engineering love,
Soft tech van, Fujitsu Zene, corona, and TEPCO La
Nkuin.The higher rate drops, Fidec, Advantest, Yuji production
, Simplex, and Kanematsu Nissan This ranking.