Chinese media, the “soup incident” article bashing = mislead also Ajisen Ramen – China

July 26, 2011, Wuhan Ban-ho was me for a “hid part of the menu in the store fell into the” soup incident “= Wuhan Ajisen Ramen” article.

Of Ajisen Ramen “soup incident” is Nigiwashi the Chinese media.Is the liver of Japanese style ramen, is not intended to pork bone soup of the company, which is also the selling of Ajisen Ramen was braised in each store, that it was made in a factory has been reported in a big way, it has been bashing.

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Wonder why Do I have been criticized so much is central kitchen system quite common if chain stores.Coverage invites misleading that it is soup of sham made with only chemicals at the factory has continued.(China) Holding Co., Ltd. was argued “that are manufactured in the factory is true, but they are manufactured using pig bones at the factory” and Ajisen Ramen.

Focus Another blurb company was singing as “calcium is plentiful”.It was introduced as “calcium 4 cups of milk cup soup 360 ml”, this content is the amount of calcium enriched soup factory, it is different from the content that is provided to the customer actually was.

Ajisen Ramen also recognized non-for publicity, I have removed the blurb from the company’s site.Further, according to the Wuhan Evening News, wording to advertise the calcium content from the menu of the store that disappeared.(Translation and editing / KT)

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