Fake “government criticism with tears” of the tabloid show report] Chinese state television female caster?

Amid criticism has been ejected from home and abroad circulates the correspondence of China high-speed rail accident, change is also reflected in Chinese media.To convey the policy of government and Communist Party in many cases, (July 2011) the 26th, unusual in tears woman caster clog the voice in the China Central Television of state television, which is said to be the tongue such as the throat of the government and the party I made a government criticism.

About the accident, “Why Minaose meaning of development” high-speed rail accident woman caster How can travel is such a “dangerous system.I started talking with the “hope that you review the purpose and meaning of development.And, mentioned that it was discovered after the girl of 2 years has aborted a rescue operation, “the Ministry of Railways said the miracle, but it is a disaster that can not stand for her.Complained in tears added, “I hope the long-term security system of government.

Okuda Shinichi Takushoku department of politics and economics associate professor speak this.

It announcer was expressionless until “This is, that it has feelings expressed in the ad lib, I think that control of the Communist Party that no longer reach at last.It was a shocking incident and as good as I feel that much.In response to the public opinion on the Internet, so as to change the style news.Do not overestimate the mass media a little, “they will continue to become a media of the original meaning of.Whether the ad-lib really, someone is trying to become the media of the original meaning, and to judge by this alone it is too early.

To criticize the “government agencies might be unusual, but independent of Masao Mainichi Shimbun editorial vice chairman” responsible pressed against the Ministry of Railways, “the aim is party central can not be the only judge of her.It does not show through is emphasized quite a Ministry of Railways (responsibility in an accident), and anxious, that’s not a party central?I make a cautious and “.

“This requires showing that different from the Ministry of Railways and the local government and values ​​of the party central occurs, wealth SakaSatoshi of journalists familiar with the China situation, the badass of the Ministry of Railways and local government composition do you wish to make punishment that “look.In addition, Tomi-zaka was discussed the word “autumn after calculation Book”.

“In the autumn festival, San-cho thing liquidation.In other words, do not add fuel to the fire that is the festival during, after the festival, once again, the movement of Chinese to promote recovery of lost territory comes out when the public interest has cooled ” Mino Monta is the moderator that I have heard, “This woman caster might get the housecleaning.Why do not you call after one month ”

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