Chinese cyber attacks, personal information of 35 million people flow to major Korean web service – U.S. flower-shaped media

July 28, 2011, South Korea Korea Communications Commission announced that the personal information of 35 million people were flowing out by cyber attack from China.I was told the news site Beihanaji Ta維 News.

Portal site of SK Communications under the umbrella as “Nate” was a victim to social networking services (SNS) “Cyworld”.Number of members of the former is 25 million, the number of members of the latter 35 million.All the information is leaked.However case a member of both services are overlapping in many cases, the damage is expected to 35 million people in the largest.

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Did you spill, data password name, ID, email address, mobile phone number, encrypted, such as resident registration number.You have comments could be decipher and low SK Communications, but the damage of an increase in spam e-mail is expected.IP address of the attacking source that of China, the Korean side shows the view of the attack by the Chinese hackers.(Translation and editing / KT)

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