Territory of business is “the whole world”

It is a story of when you have previously attempted to introduce some software.It was thought that since it is not complicated, and may be selected by examining the functions of a software product commercially available.If you look at the function in the Internet, it was one Tsugamitsukari Mashi product of an American company bracts product of one company of Japan.As a result of contact you to fill in your email address here to Web contact form, reply came from the company of both.

There was contact you that wants to be informed of convenient time and ask you want detailed information about product features, since the visit from a Japanese company.There was a contact from an American company, since described in the Web conference, and that wants to be informed of a convenient time.You have a schedule adjustment and a Japanese company, but it was decided that you can visit the next week towards the business of the other party even if busy.There is also that there was a good schedule, coordination with the American company, has been setting the conference call the next day.

Because there is a time difference with the United States, of course, is a convenient time, this place has become the late night hours in the United States.However, by the “no problem meeting of the Internet can be from home”, the business gave us according to the hope of this place.

It was felt at that time, the territory salesman of this company of America, is that it’s the whole world.By using the Internet, location Wherever, No matter the time difference, “first visit” is is why she can immediately for customers.

In my experience, not that it has met the Japanese company “Product Description The first was Web conference” and.And has offices in Japan in the company of American and Hispanic, towards the sales of Japanese corporation comes to visit.Explanation of differences in business customs I get this, but we feel like there is a problem and you do not let it end with.

That they can visit you from the description of the first, that there are customers in the range that can be visited has become a prerequisite.Therefore, in order to protect its premise, many of the successful company it was born in rural areas, and has moved its head office in Tokyo that there are a lot of customers.In addition, to be able to visit customers in Japan, the Tokyo company, has been placed branches in rural.Of course, in-house mechanism has also been made on the assumption “visit”, and is built on the assumption that it will be bring course materials.

It is said (except for consumer products) Japanese companies, marketing is weak, but I think there is one end of the business due to this style this.If the movement to business is to visit individually from the beginning, that meet the needs of individual customers, the importance of marketing will decrease greatly.However, it is that there is a possibility of loss due to the fact that sales people can not visit, or visit delays are occurring.If there is a demand and that I want you to a description of the product from where there is no place of business, how do they deal? I think in the case of requests from abroad, even if there are no partners there is no place of business in the area, correspond to a difficult.

Book of Nagai Mr. alternative bloggers – in the “manners of value proposition strategy 50 in order to ensure customer centricity, to provide comfort to real”, “Priority of the time axis is different marketing and sales” and There is a description.Sales is that marketing that long-term perspective in the short-term point of view, but it feels like there is also a difference of whether global or local perspective point of view in addition to it.I think the fact that it has a long-term view of marketing, in order to as well as able to expand the business, and keep up with globalization, and I need a global perspective of marketing.