“Critics also reportedly Na to” the media high-speed rail accident Chinese authorities notification statement “exposure”

The Tour of rear-end collisions of high-speed rail in China, Chinese media tone of where you extracted the criticism of authorities violently, toned-down abruptly once.seen that the Chinese authorities issued a notice to be “official announcement other than should not be reported” or be the cause, but the contents of the notification statement and is exposed on the net, media side has continued to resistance.

Accident has occurred in thing of July 23, 2011, but the notice and “to use only state-run Xinhua News Agency article” was issued in the next day the 24th.However, there is no little effect this notification, voice to criticize the accident response after another from the media.In the 26th, Central Television announcer of state-owned (CCTV) complained tearfully investigate the cause.

It’s circulars strong again content Become a 29 day and night, but seems to have come up with notification of strong again content Become a 29 day and night, tone of media tone down at once.However, it “does not occur for free also fell” in the state, the center is said to be the China version of Twitter “Hiroshibi (U~eibo)” and clarify writing is one after another the actual situation of the press regulation if from Chinese media.

Taken together multiple writes, the contents of the notification from the Chinese Communist Party,

Concerning the special serious traffic accident of 23 “July, domestic and international public opinion has become more complex.And newspapers, in the web site, it is recommended that to cool down the news of the accident.That the trend other than the authorities announced the news of the positive side, not take any coverage.Things like that “you do not even critics.

The notification of this replacement article, several papers such as “ShinKyo-ho” has seemed to follow the newspapers, “21st Century Economic news” paper parties,

Is being written, “was scheduled to be published eight articles of the accident, but the ban because came in the evening, was replaced on the original temporary necessity” and.It is a pattern that newspaper “China Business Report”, “ShinKyo-ho”, “ten thousand Qianjiang Report” and “Hana Commerce Report” was forced to replacement of the newspaper article also other.

There is also a writing saying “in honor of the night shift that everyone was allowed to work the replacement of the article suddenly”.

Besides, it is seen to be due to the parties’ ShinKyo-ho ”

4 pages that were left by overlapping compromise to “compromise has become a dead issue.There is also a writing sad but unavoidable, and that “because do I have to eat more than 200 employees.If you disobeyed notice if, there is a possibility that in mind that strong measures such as ceased publication also possible.

Behind the tough stance of the Chinese authorities of a series, and that the criticism of the government and the Ministry of Railways will be expanded in a big way in the special paper plane Ahead say in Japan, “the seventh day after death”, look back on the accident point of view and are wary deep-rooted.

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