“Alchemist” does not appear in the highly compensated disclosure

Among the listed companies, second year are required to in the financial statements, the amount of money and name officers who received executive compensation of 100 million yen or more per year.Voice of Zorro envy swirled like last year, also, to disclose the results of this year’s highly compensated.
800 million 82 million yen of Howard Stringer, Chairman and President of Sony 900 million 82 million yen of Carlos Ghosn, president and CEO of Nissan Motor Co., Ltd., at the 2-position of Despite the large deficit, the 3-position of Daito Trust Construction Co., Ltd. Top and continues 800 million of 23 million yen Katsumi Tada, former chairman.
But, do not be surprised to highly compensated that is published.In fact the other hand you do not attracted little public attention, Uruoseru of the bosom with impunity is alchemy’s money through a stock dividend.As long as you hold shares of a considerable number, such as the founding family, the current raw hundreds of millions come tumbling.

Securities Man’s astonished In that sense, Yamauchi 溥 adviser Nintendo.Largest shareholder, which holds approximately 14 million shares at a third generation of its founding family, the dividend amounted to 13 billion yen really.And from that you have give up the Board of Directors already, it’s beyond the scope of disclosure.
It is Tadashi Yanai, chairman and president of Fast Retailing to expand the “Uniqlo”‘s been derided alchemist, along with “Yamauchi.His reward is out of the top 10 highly compensated at 300 million yen too much, but about 7 billion yen in dividend income only by a founding family and also this “(economic journalist)

In that respect, Softbank president Masayoshi Son is the two of you does not reach the 108 million yen in executive compensation, dividend income and approximately 1.3 billion yen, officials have a wry smile.
Have plenty of rewards and dividend income from associated companies, “Mr. Son has not been counted in the published minutes.Real income, including this good game and Mr. Yanai.I think That’s why he decided put out 10 billion yen donation ”

Disclosure requirements of highly compensated by the government decided, might have been a higher tactic to camouflage the dividend income confounded According to.I would want to even Kanguri such.