Also slams writing Korean issue heats up, the “Dentotsu” appearance Product Reviews

And as a protest against the Korean bias towards Fuji TV, the claim is in the following ways to program sponsors.Among them, in some cases to write the harsh criticism to the product review of the Amazon corresponding telephone as bad, companies are struggling to find a corresponding.

Able to interrogate the correspondence to sponsor companies, are calling on the net is the phone assault as “Dentotsu”.

In such as a two-channel target, table sheet to inform and telephone correspondence of companies are stuck with bad companies “Dentotsu” correspondence.

Is a leading manufacturer, telephone operator I’m the phone to see “Net?Any news freedom because it is democracy.It was reported on the sheet that it has answered that, “We support the Fuji TV as a company.Then, notoriety of this manufacturer is transmitted on the net, the reviews section of the Amazon, mauling of product manufacturers are written one after the other.

Although I tried with much effort “, it is not good enough.I wanted to return ”
“Towards the purchase of a company that loves Japan is important to you to buy now, third-party products,” This product, review of unusual rating 1 star, which means the worst stick more than 100 is supposed to.

In the sheet stating telephone support, we are encouraged to post to YouTube by recording the exchange of phone with companies, it’s how the turmoil is overheating.

In the public relations department of the manufacturer that became the target for harsh criticism write to the Amazon, “I have to wait and see for now, since it becomes a nuisance of customers in addition, we are puzzled” I reveal the.It could lead to obstruction of business in some cases, for now, you have that it is not a stage and think about the influence complaint comes out in sales.

“I can not comment to the program content” manufacturer for power projection of a claim, and public relations department of this leading manufacturer, will be described in the “opinion of the number has come and supported individually” and.This computer strive to talk that it is not possible to interject an opinion to the program content of Fuji TV, get to understand.

The contents of telephone operator answered, even while it’s checking the facts, there is a point to be not lead to corresponding “consultation, the customers were allowed to feel uncomfortable, and apologize I was answerable directly below “.

The comments received, it is transmitted to the relevant departments, now, you are going to that, we’re considering a response to the opinion.

In addition, there is also a leading manufacturer of another that was described as “the worst!” In the sheet of phone support.The Kramer treats “fully telephone operator.It’s that “is likely to respond Mendokusa.To the interview, a spokesman for the manufacturer, told puzzled shows a slight to be “not been able to figure out yet How was actually”.However, I have found that such counseling center, there was a telephone opinion of some.What about, such as think, crisp was bad as “indescribable is at the stage of now”.

For corporate sponsors other, and want to make suggestions to the television station was “other people’s affairs”, and on the sheet “good middle people” or, was a corresponding said in low profile and want to focus on opinion has been reported.

In the public relations department of Fuji TV, in an interview of August 1, 2011, for power projection to the sponsor, you have answered “do not know well here”.

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