The new Honda Civic Low Ratings fell.What do you think?

Organizations that have gained immense trust as a non-profit consumer organization speaking of America as a “consumer reports”.The place where it is also known, such as in test test its own course in the study of motor vehicles, particularly.

One review that consumer report, and issued a harsh assessment for the new Civic has just been released has become a hot topic.
“Stopping distance is long brake, and steering feel is also too light”

“Poor ride pitching is a concern”

“Intrusion of road noise is terrible”

“Interior, the quality of the plastic is particularly low”

“Place with a better fuel economy and the good in spite of the old engine, rear-seat space is the wide”

And, evaluation disastrous.

US Honda has issued a protest comments, but speaking of evaluation of consumer reports, influence in the field is large and change the trend in the comments of Honda it would be difficult, perhaps.

Not be sold in Japan, the new Civic in North America only.

Consumer reports are you rigorous evaluation, part you do not know you do not want to touch actually there is a little, but do you receive any impression?

And look at the pictures, please feel.

(Shinya Yamamoto)

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