Explanation … expert “number of alleged” government railway high speed China = “is inflated”

The 1st, Beijing China government and the Ministry of Railways is – connecting Shanghai “Kyoto 滬高-speed Railway (Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway)” Since the opening of business on June 30, average boarding rate of one month until July 31 to announced it was a 107%.However, China Chugokushinbunsha media, such as Sina network, pointed out that “ticket unsold as long as they see the sales situation is very large, the car is also full of empty seats” or.Railways was vindication “even 100% boarding rate is not necessarily the full house” or shows a calculation method.Chugokushinbunsha is reported.

Railways is described in “ride rate announced, which is divided by the number of seats the ticket sales of the train in question and was converted to a percentage” and.Boarding section is not considered to be due to the same description, for example, the train starting with packed state the Beijing south of the starting station, everyone get off Langfang the following (station), Shanghai of the end point in the “passenger zero” as it is If you travel to Hongqiao station, ride rate is 100%.If anyone ride on the way, ride rate it 100% or more.At least, if there are people who get on and off in the middle of the station who are riding the train, ride rate’s calculation method bulging inevitably.

There is a problem in the calculation method of the “Ministry of Railways blue leaves deputy director of Hubei Bureau of Statistics.It is not objectively there is padding part.Was criticism to say from management aspect, added, “I figure that does not fit the reality.According leaf Deputy Director, in order to show the actual conditions, it must use an effective ride rate.It shall be divided by the “seat stroke” and “effective stroke” is specifically.That is, the seat passengers riding from the middle period, so that by the time section is added as an “effective boarding rate”.

It will reach 100% only if you “runs every state fully occupied all the region”, if available ride rate.It’s a valid number in order to know of the train “Occupancy rate”.On the other hand, railway section was announced that I would be referred to as “the numbers have little meaning”.


◆ In order to show off the performance of the “Kyoto 滬高 speed railway”, to Kyoben with “It was business that is indispensable to China now”, deviates from reality to the number you (dissociation) Description ◆ railway section, “jumped” I considered.If it is bureaucracy that specializes in railway, you’d be familiar with the “lack of meaning” of this number.

By announced the numbers far removed from reality of ordinary people, it was decided that distrust of Ministry of Railways is growing once again.Criticism that was in the underlying idea “If announcement even numbers, would be able to argue away the people” is also satisfied.

that the statistical figure of various Chinese authorities to announce is “questionable” often.It has been pointed out, “not a complete forgery, presentation of numbers that can be Kyoben to be” correct to “formally mixed” and in recent years.In the case of “107% ride rate” that Ministry of Railways has announced, it’s also possible to make sarcastic remarks “Assembling the numbers, was too naive” and.(Editors: Kisaragi Hayato)