Haier Sanyo acquisition, leadership of white goods in China to Japan =

July 29, has announced it will purchase the white goods business, such as washing machines and refrigerators in Southeast Asia and Japan Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd. of Japan (Haier) Haier Group.Within the industry, I have seen this acquisition will become the foundation for Haier to enter the Southeast Asian market and Japan.The acquisition price is not disclosed, but there are also reports of the amount to about 10 billion yen.China network Japanese version (China net) was reported.

For coverage, RaKiyoshi Kay of consumer electronics industry professionals are divided into three regions Europe, Japan and South Korea, China’s white goods company in the world of “current.Supply of white goods in the world, wholesale from manufacturing, supply chain all of consumption so that Haier is going to expand.I said probably, this is “going to be a fundamental driving force of structural adjustment of the white goods industry in the world of the future.

Consumer electronics companies in Japan deficit recorded

Article, report “By Haier to acquire SANYO, a leading consumer electronics in Japan will follow the fate of defeat all together in China” and.According to the statistics, Panasonic, Toshiba, Hitachi, Sony, Sharp, Sanyo has announced a large deficit in the first quarter of 2011.From here, the Great East Japan Earthquake is known to have dealt a serious blow to consumer electronics manufacturing industry of Japan.

RaKiyoshi Kay sees as follows.This acquisition shows that the consumer electronics companies in Japan will face enormous strategic pressure.If a certain point of view, there behind the competition of the industry it is a competition of local currency.There is no currency value decisions in the financial system of the world, Japan is the uncertainties that affect the competitiveness of the consumer electronics industry it.After the global financial crisis, against the U.S. dollar exchange rate of the Japanese yen has risen by more than 40 percent.This had a tremendous impact on the export of electronic products in Japan, the overall competitiveness of the consumer electronics industry was also greatly reduced.Sale of white goods of some of Sanyo was carried out in the very strong yen.

Also RaKiyoshi Kay, inflation “world will continue in the long term future.There is no cost advantage of global scale, in the three areas with high cost Europe, Japan, and North America, it is in a state in which white goods brand traditional can not control costs.I found in three regions this cost, companies that sell white goods business and increase.Intervention in the sale of government action by developed countries to delay the restructuring of the white goods business worldwide, but it is not possible to prevent.Told white goods companies in China, including Haier is rapidly expanding market share in the world, along with it, leadership of the white goods industry in the world and “has shifted.(Editors: Yonehara Yuko)