And conditions of Japanese products to hit overseas?

Automobile, electrical appliances, food products …….I wonder what kind of a thing with the Japanese products that are sold in the world? What’s required to become a product or service having you accepted to people of different cultures?

“Why,” Maru-chan “I became the national dish of Mexico?To present something to do with what you need on while an example of a product (Anzai Hiroyuki, Nakabayashi Tetsutaro / Author, Nikkei BP / published), the have overseas development “, to open up overseas markets.

To sell a product abroad, localization (localization) I need.Changes to suit the local, tailored to the laws and regulations of language change, change of design and function also becomes necessary in some cases.
And, it is to point out or may not give the product the characteristics of Japan.Some be a plus put out the characteristics of Japanese companies “high quality”, “safety” and “economic”, and that this is not the case it is also.For example, it is that has been successful overseas expansion dare not remove the image of “Japan”,’s Kikkoman.

Is one of the seasoning a representative of “Japanese”, “soy sauce”.
However, famous Kikkoman, that it does not do business as a set Japanese food and soy sauce abroad as soy sauce maker.You would think easily than with a way it is good person who touted a set soy sauce Japan and easy, but that is not the case.
More than anything “to meet the meat” is that’s a point in the overseas strategy.
In the United States and Australia, the number of times that the barbecue is often.Then, it follows that opportunity to eat meat inevitably often.The soy sauce “TERIYAKI (teriyaki)” hit product that is localized to match the teriyaki meat, was born in America’s.In the United States, soy sauce is it is always ready to half of home as a seasoning in the hit “TERIYAKI”.
Not of Japanese food in the “soy sauce”, based yet soy sauce, made to fit the tongue and the American diet “TERIYAKI” is, he is the localization of the United States market as a sauce for barbecue.

In this book, in addition to the soy sauce Kikkoman, I will introduce an example of TOTO familiar, such as Takashi Murakami of contemporary artist “Made in Japan” is successful in the world in the toilet and Maruchan instant noodle.

Those of quality and design to be able to be proud of to the world would be a lot of product companies in Japan.Just because, it is not necessarily a sell in the world if you sell directly.The localization of the product on its back, corporate efforts such as sales strategy that is well thought out suggests.
When I went abroad, it’s try enjoying Japanese products you have localization also might be good.
(New book JP Editorial / Tanaka TadashiHiroshi)

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