Anhui – death of 3-year-old girl is left in the day care bus

According to the Anhui Anqing Mubeshu District People’s Government [04 = OKiyoshikokorozashiawabiakatsuki菁 Shinhana-mogokoe August], 3-year-old girl attending kindergarten in the same ward is left behind for about 8 hours in the car of the shuttle bus, deceased.Cause of the accident is under investigation. The 2nd morning, the kindergarten children to register in the garden of the kindergarten bus.nursery that was also Tour driver that kindergartener is left to the bus is also did not notice.When 4:00 pm, kindergarten officials opened the door of the bus to try to send home the kindergarten children, found a kindergarten that fainted, was conveyed to the hospital immediately, but were confirmed dead shortly. After the accident, police authorities have detained the person in charge and the top of kindergarten.Mubeshu District education authorities notice to stop the teaching activities and education all in the same kindergarten.For kindergarten in the city, Ward was asked to thorough safety inspection, to ensure the safety of children.(Translated Lee Tsugihigashi / edit the translation Ami Matsuo)

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