[Unemployment rate], July 9.1 percent improvement! some states that edge, welfare has become one of 3 people?

■ The employment statistics of the Department of Labor in July announced the 5th, the unemployment rate was 0.1 percentage points from 9.2 percent the previous month and 9.1%.Unemployment rate rose for the third consecutive month, was improved to 4-month.Market Forecast is 9.1%.And an increase of 117,000 people compared with the previous month, the number of workers that reflect non-agricultural sector (seasonally adjusted) was greater than 75 000 people expected increase in business trends.In addition, revised upward each number of employees of May also to 53,000 people increased from 25 000 people, up to 46,000 people increased from 18,000 people up to June, the brightness slightly to employment conditions that recovery had slowed is was seen.Growth has expanded from 80,000 the previous month and an increase of 154,000 people compared with the previous month increased the number of employees in the private sector, which is an index that accounts for 70% of the total, indicating the strength of the job market.Market expected to increase 113,000 people.

On the other hand, with 3.7 million people, down and local government officials to reduce the background the difficult financial situation, the government sector has been negative for nine consecutive months.

* Top image: transition graph of the number of employees increase or decrease the unemployment rate from 2000 (January).The unemployment rate in July was improved to 9.1% from 9.2% the previous month.Unemployed to give up looking for a job seems to have been increasing again.On the other hand, in May, 1.1 million people also increased from what the previous month the number of recipients of welfare “food stamp”.Every month, not only has a new record, welfare recipients number, but increase the width of the second past May.

Food stamp recipients number of transition graph.Welfare recipients an increase of 1.1 million people and 4,575 million people in May from 4,465 million people in April.Large tornado at the end of April (tornado), 900 000 people in one month in Alabama!?It’s also increasing near.In Alabama, it is calculated that received public assistance at the rate of one in three people.

⇒ Hello! It is Goto Wenjun American distribution consultant.Yesterday, back from consulting job, when I checked the news, I was monopoly topic of NY stock market suffered a lowering of $ 500 or more in one day.In, there was an article “welfare recipients the number of record” for the feeling that less obvious.I did not even surprise each month, since the new records, but when you view the data in the food stamp direct, Alassio! Surprised.May is 1.1 million people! Do not have to have increased.It is 4,575 million people easily topped the 45 million.In, looking at the state-by-state data and to drill down further, the tornado victims in Alabama?In I am more than 90 million people near.May, 1.76 million people are you receiving any welfare in Alabama of 4.8 million people.In other words, in Alabama, it’s going to state (the ratio of one in three people) 37% of the people that are receiving welfare.

That there are some 900,000 people in distress who must rely on the country as soon as it is affected is the problem.Although I think Even so, too much. . .