In tap water of Japan to be able to drink as it is [China] BBS, Chinese surprise!

Thread “tap water Japanese technology level! Surprise” that was erected on the bulletin board of a large bulletin board site 凱迪’s District of China.To the main thread that surprised to be able to drink as it is without boiled tap water, various opinions have been received in Japan.Will be introduced on the Japanese translation of Chinese BBS below.The rustic impressions by editing unit in ().


● main thread: 1590, tap water Hiroshimoto of Japan was born it seems the days of Ieyasu Tokugawa immediately enters the Edo.Tokyo of high economic growth period, seems to have been a problem is the deterioration of water quality, but it is improved now, seems some people “free Water and Peace”.


● Not only 拉了 拉来 Ryo Japan, America and Europe’s right, but I just drink the tap water.It seems to be able to drink water to flow in the toilet to live.I mean they can not be used even Japanese toilet water in Japan.

● yx1015 word does not appear.

● That’s technology powers Asuka true.

● It is Well Well langhappy.I was drinking the tap water every day for saving my time just came to Japan.But are drinking to buy 2 liters of water 78 yen will not drink tap water because I work now.Tap water because I not delicious. (Water in urban areas it is not delicious chlorine smell and certainly)

● Antarctic Musakana Haha, I have a job of processing relationship of water experts in this area.Company of this kind I was a foreign people, but the old days, companies in Japan is becoming more now.Development is fast, I have become a high-quality technology up.Even so, Why not purify the water of the river smell?Government is not willing to put out the money, are you left to flow into the sea dripping dirty water it! Nor money in technology, the problem is I’m a matter of awareness of leaders. (I think it’s a big problem.)

● I jason_9235 ↑ expert’s, such care.Should not say an expert of yourself is good in China now.High-speed rail because I caused the problem experts.

● The §’m ready-to-drink tap water of Japan 7546gg.

● The Japanese go to China aukddi travel, there is a need to explain that it does not drink tap water in China in advance.Apparently there was that broke the stomach using the tap water of Chinese travelers to take medicine.broke the stomach when I was returned to China, but was cured of it comes back to Japan.Dare look at the state of the watershed of China.Once the okay to drink tap water in China, it is the evidence that adapted to this harsh environment, it is not with the evidence that the tap water in China is catching up with the standards of Japan.

● I’ll look at it from that I just drink the tap water in the drama of Japan mayipaapaa.I found later.That tap water of Japan ‘s different from China’s.

(Editors: Hatakeyama Sakae)