Vol.3 room preaching Dry – “… likely to blame that it has left the company in a short period of time”

Career change too early in the “three years?I can not see the “future” ”
What trouble “is not interesting work” of young people society … are endless.
Four sisters dry will answer to those concerns various.

Trouble this time
Is the third year new graduates: Q.I believe to change jobs, but hesitate to blame likely that it has left the company in a short period of time.

Travel agencies and planning
25-year-old woman
Is the third year new graduates.Was found to be different from the thing you want to do the work of the current, I started thinking about changing jobs.However, we are likely to be lost in the blame from the company that in spite of the fact I had been brought up, in the short period of three years, to quit.
Will it May I left the company now at the time of three years at the company.

Spicy wasabi advice from (wasabi) sister
I would change jobs quickly without refrain: A!

Nantes trying to talk to this wasabi sister, I’m certain you also courage.

Itself you’re wondering that such a small, time is a waste.
Are humans tiny Dondake, you.
I’ll have purring Nantes young people change jobs within three years these days.About words Tteyuu “three years 30%” was popular, No Some 30% of people who change jobs within three years in new graduates.I may want to do, if it is clear, it’s not I should proceed without hesitation.

Roughly, because do not have the intention of his that has a clear, are you to worry about just appearances.
That said, since would change jobs and noticed a little to its own, please proceed to clarify the intention of their more.

Preaching this
In a step by a clear intention yourself!

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