After 8 days, pool electric shock announcement, the government is pressed against the management’s responsibility – China

July 14, swimming accidents customers we are electrocuted occurs in the pool of Tianjin, China, but the relationship department had announced the accident that the 8th was also passed from generation was found recently.There is no sign of where also bear the administrative responsibility of the safety management.Xinhua has reported.

Tianjin accident happened in the “Bohai trade school Bohai pool”, afternoon July 14, a total of three of the aid man in the pool and swimming tourists died of electric shock due to strong thunderstorms from folding, 3 people were injured.

Tsukikibakawa Road valve public room there is a pool Bohai Tianjin Hebei Safety Administration, Department of Education, etc. Sports Bureau held a briefing session for the survivor of the accident, was announced through the media is July 22 eight days after the occurrence thing of the day.

According to the same management station, in a state in which the electric wire for lighting of the shop was torn cover, contact the net awning overhanging the pool side.Net awning that was fueled by the great wind of the day not to fall into the pool, electricity that’s flowed into the water through the metal parts such as wire.

“Bohai trade school” is owned by the pool, but after being loaned out to another vendor in 2001, has been sublet to the management of the current pool in 2008.However, there is no report at all this 10 years, I did not receive an inspection and review of the Sports Bureau.

Representatives of the public Tsukikibakawa Road valve chamber end of government agencies, a problem that departments in charge of the pool to manage, and said their is not involved in this matter.In other words, I was supposed to be the responsibility of all is pressed against the one of the current management, where also not be responsible public office.

Water is pulled out already pool, the entrance is also locked with chains of iron, sign of “Bohai pool” has also been removed.

Where the victims’ families told the August 1, authorities changed to “emergency” from the “natural disaster” the way of calling the accident.However, that there still is a detailed description of the announcement than initially.(Editors: Nakaoka Hideo)