Men are great objection to women “sorting eye” is too strict! “I do not want to marry this woman,” Annals real intention of male

Last time, titled “Absolutely can not marry such a” man Annals “true intention of the woman,” you heard the pattern of the “Men do not want to get married” from the eyes of woman.

“The man who was raised by his mother housewife want to shy away” or, “man who longed to Horiemon hate” and, probably because that was introduced by selecting the opinion characteristic, echo is larger than expected, from male readers many opinions were received.

Opinion were many among them, was a voice, “I just put opinion of why women”, “real intention that” absolutely can not marry such a “woman even some man” and.

Indeed, as one man, there was the opinion that I want to argue even if the author.In addition, by which it appears the only opinion of the woman, there is also concern that might have ended up giving the reader the impression that the one-sided “what women choose to marry”.

So, in the sense of maintaining fairness, to the man of 20’s to 30’s, heard about the “conditions of women who do not want to get married” this time.In response to harsh opinion of women, men team or will you deploy any rebuttal.Among you have interviewed, I would like to introduce some of what was characteristic.

In order to analyze objectively the current situation surrounding the men and women of “loss marriage”, to reconsider the way of life of their own, both men and women, we should listen seriously to the opinion of each other again.What readers wonder capture the opinion of these.

Last time, and introduced the opinion “and men who are doing just the Internet, do not want to get married” and, but there was a voice, “I do not like women who are watching just TV” and (20s) from male.

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