“Defeat the invaders of China!”, The ninth time since early anti-medium demonstration, June in the capital Hanoi – Vietnam

August 7, 2011, according to the AFP news agency, the demonstration to protest China, which claims sovereignty over the South China Sea in the capital Hanoi, Vietnam is carried out, about 100 people participated.Ring-and-ball time signal is transmitted on 8 date.

The slogan Flag and Vietnam Hoankimu the shores of the city center, protesters marched shouting such as “Defeat the invaders of China”.Anti-medium demonstration in Vietnam 9th is now 10 weeks since early June.Demonstration broke up in about 2 hours.

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On this day, they did not loosen a watchful eye, but were not permitted to enter the stop police.According to Reuters, protesters climbed to nearly 200 when most.When you pass the buckwheat in the car, Hanoi citizens of some that expressed support to ring the horn.(Translation and editing / NN)

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