Pointed out that the “country of origin” of human flesh capsule, the Ministry of Health is to survey at last – China

“Such as the recovery phase of illness or after surgery, I work for the tonic” as, last month come, South Korea media have reported capsule whose components are the human flesh of infants stillborn is in circulation, such as the Korean market.August 9, 2011, the Ministry of Health has embarked on a fact-finding survey in China has been pointed out as “the country of origin” for coverage of this series.Coverage of Chugokushinbunsha.

In the context of South Korea more than one media is reporting, broker got the body of a baby was stillborn from some medical institutions in China, the capsule of powder on the black factory, such as the town factory “human flesh capsule” this The process, that is flowing into Korean.Results related organizations such as the National Institute of Scientific Investigation of Korea were examined, raw materials assertive almost human flesh.DNA that were consistent with those of the human 99.7%.

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9, China Ministry of Health is showing signs about this.Thing for the Jilin Northeast, which is the place of origin of the capsule, and has already requested an investigation.In addition to being tightly defined for the processing of the body of the fetus, infant, have been described as being strictly forbidden for the medical institutions to buy and sell the body of the patient in Chinese law.For such acts, I also shows the intention of the police determined the Chinese Ministry of Health.(Translation and editing / love ball)

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