Recovery 9100 yen rebound significantly, to repurchase high-tech car stands out Nikkei average

[Nikkei Stock Average · TOPIX (Table)]

Nikkei average; 9110.81; Tasu166.33
TOPIX; 783.91; +13.52

[Indu Overview]

It has been started in the prior buying a wide range of stocks, the Nikkei rebound significantly.Recover ¥ 9,100
It has begun with.Although NY Dow showed volatility in the U.S. market, which has been noted,
Has led to a sense of security that it has rebounded big buying.Canon, Fanuc
Movement of the automobile stock repurchase and technology stocks, Toyota, and Honda etc.
Can stand out.Mega-banks Mitsubishi UFJ, and Sumitomo Mitsui FG also strong.Power lines are all
It becomes Men-daka, the rate of increase in TEPCO has been more than 6%.In addition, yesterday announced the closing
Increase rate of the screen that shows exceeded 7%.In addition, look, SanAkira-kin
, Stocks of material system Japan bridge, Suzutan, and drops significantly across the board
To high.TSE all 33 industries are elevated in sector, sky luck, shipping, securities, iron and steel, machine
Machinery, other financial, fiber, glass, stone and clay, wholesale-level.