= Hebei explosion at Kentucky Fried Chicken store in oil field facility

At around 2 pm on the 7th, the explosion has occurred in the Kentucky Fried Chicken store of oil field facility in Hebei Cangzhou.Firecracker a large amount of one of the guests is brought was due.Hebei Youth Daily has reported.

Explosion has occurred in the store of Kentucky Fried Chicken to a shopping center in North China oil field in.In close proximity to the store installed the “Children’s Square”, a loud noise rang.Gunpowder smell hangs over the store, Kodomo-ra is cry, roar of adults, such as flying, the scene was chaos.Code such as the electric wire torn that were scattered on the floor.

In the same explosion, generation of wounded have not been told.

Police rushed to hear the circumstances and witnesses, and investigation.Monday morning, executives of North China Petroleum 冀中 Public Security Bureau was determined to be exploded to one of the “customer is brought firecrackers, was dealt without attention.Customers who brought firecrackers were also able to identify.I said in detail, the investigation in progress “still.

I considered the circumstances of the explosion, a large amount of firecrackers has been brought into the store fairly.By Monday morning, this shop was reopened.(Editors: Kisaragi Hayato)