A shrewd and dark that one China and Ming

I think about a year ago, already full stomach, I had let me write that it is not strange that when to be collapsed real estate bubble in China this blog.Honestly, I did not hit right out and.On the other hand, China has come to the major turning point.I think was pointed out in the previous blog about a year still also be the turning point of.This was hit.Of what turning point?I was happy to write that to the effect that, become a major force in that the volume of the zone of 1.3 billion people, transitions upward if converted into domestic demand dependent from external demand-dependent at the time.

China can head to either integrally?I think again, I would like to verify.

I think enthusiasm by the Chinese government put the railway was not a easy task.Therefore Beijing – Shinkansen opening of Shanghai, I appeared on measures to appeal the China National Railway in quick succession and the patent application further.Railway accident that followed was to start moving dismantling of the Ministry of Railways Premier Wen Jiabao admitted immediately of non-authorities as was “unplanned”.This is what was not first in China until now.

Changes in the movement of this series should be taken with a desperate attitude of the Chinese government to encourage domestic demand-based economy clearly.

Shift to domestic demand-type sense from external demand-dependent economy of China, and those that occur routinely in the mature course of national.After that fact, it was the external demand dependent in Japan it has been converted to a domestic demand-dependent up to the age of powerful export offensive fiber, iron and steel.Wealth is formed to some people in Japan this transition, it will continue to propagate to the people under one after another, life is stretch of I is formed with economic development.

Future, China should change to major importer.It is said that the current account is also a change in the deficit in 2015.Composition really simple materials that, not enough to China to meet the food, clothing and shelter of the people of 1.3 billion has been encapsulated it.

Assuming, unabated demand for construction materials in the future of China, may see the prosperity further growth from China, Uniqlo as sky rocket demand for pork and corn.

I think another reason why China is trying to shift to domestic demand-led’d have seen a decline large consuming countries, the United States.It was also Japan economy China South Korea of ​​the United States if there is a.But, now, Americans will not consumption as of old.Ness sensitive to the price was also higher.It is that the element of external demand that China is able to maintain high economic growth is that it is expected to thin.In addition, dollar assets you hold to buy in return.Voices that want to loose the other is likely to be heard.

It would be correct if the health of the economy if it is running on domestic demand promotion for China is released from the tie with the United States.And it shocking will occur if seen from the geopolitical point of view.

It is that, is also possible that the United States is located under the China.

Supply America might become the style of the ordinary in 10 years from now the corn away to large consumption areas China.At that time, China or to what kind of behavior as a champion of the world, I can not imagine.However, it can be said that I might happen is to force drastic changes in the world map out not far by strong economic growth in China at least.

China is powerful than we think.Then, the study well the failure of Japan, and I try to not repeat the mistakes that.For example, that strength which does not move stubbornly to pressure from the United States to China yuan.It is a thing you want to emulated politicians and exchange officials, Japanese.

Part of China’s “bright” I can imagine such a.Let’s think about the part of the “dark” tomorrow.