Full of doubt even in professional insurance! How the product called “cancer insurance”

Age when one in two people suffer from cancer now.Cancer insurance is offered for sale in a big way to the sales pitch it.However, insurance is what holds the first place, one in two people suffer from cancer if?To why cancer insurance “pundit of life insurance” Ushiroda Toru, who published a “! Suspect cancer insurance” is, looms over 5 times.The first round of this time, life insurance companies, looms in mystery to sell cancer insurance over a huge advertising expenses.

Cancer insurance, or not than it is the product can not be helped insurance company is profitable?

Every time I see the website of the insurance company brochures and is told to pillow the word “era one person will get cancer in two” and “national disease now cancer” and “cancer insurance”, I feel so.

If it is one that people across the “cancer” increases, it’s seem strange “cancer insurance” She would not be established as a commodity, what is advertised flashy and, wonder why.

For example, do you put in the “insurance?I will be considered in response to the inquiry of the customer that “the answer, such as:.

“Your job I am Clerical.No problems.”

“You police.You can undertake.”

The “Bike Courier … our security in the case of hospitalization did you has become by the time 5000 yen, rather than the 10,000 yen the 1st.Still, if it is good … ”

Guarantee of admission can not be attached with “tunnel workers … sorry.Death also is up to 10 million yen.Please understand.”

“Professional boxer? Sorry.Nothing on me.”

“It is the same language racer? Stuntman? Explorer? Less”

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