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To the whaling ship, as the nominal “environmental protection”, I was wondering every time you see and hear the news of up to danger Acts or the verge of explosive, and collide and Sea Shepherd.Even these acts of violence, some even be praise from country public opinion anti-whaling, anti-dolphin fishing, anti-seal hunt is even stronger, and you are for these activities, and even attracting funding from influential people of many.

Now his book, due to a new discipline to be “human animal studies”, it is written for the general public while introduces an example.To put it simply, the “human animal studies”, it is academic who studied the attitudes of humans to animals.Servants by country, or by individuals, values ​​for different animals.For example, some people who keep dogs as pets, will some people treated like human beings as one family.But he some people to be treated as meat in.In the country of Japan, eating a dog is not common, and it could be said even taboo meaning there.Some people may feel an aversion to the idea itself for us that grew up in such a culture, and eat it.But by archaeological evidence, human beings have been found to have continued to eat dogs for thousands of years.

Aztec people has created a dog without hair of dedicated meat, I was eating the dog from the usual many of the North American Indian tribe.The dog is very popular in Asia further, dog 16 million animals every year is being consumed.In Chinese eat a lot of dogs, ham of child dog’s most popular among them more than anyone.South Korea, a country with a long tradition of dog food.In Korea, I believed in the same way as China, that there is a medical effect on the dog meat.

Well, we do will be able to accept the culture of these other countries.In fact, when there is a chance that my own visit to China, he had to be faced with such a culture, but it was not possible to eating dog.To put it so there are no surprises, we believe that not inspire disgust at all that people who grew up in such a culture basically, eat a dog, and that he should respect the culture.However, by that grew up in the culture of Japan, the thing that could not be eaten by the difference in value to the dog.

(Especially the generation that was live on whale), many Japanese’d be holding a disgust to anti-whaling group.To eat the whale from other countries is cruel, it’s barbaric, or if you take criticism Nantes are somehow Nantes eat the animal head is wise, for that you do not understand the cultural differences, would some people feel anger.But I wonder possible understanding of the countries that have the culture to eat dogs and cats.

Well also, I have to introduce a case against Nora mice and rats that have been treated as an experimental animal in this document.If people from the idea of ​​animal welfare is strong, some people can not understand that even if it is said to be for the study of medicine and disease.Carefully indeed, I have discussed carefully that these.

It is thought that speaking personal thoughts here, and in any animal, as long as there is a culture to be treated as meat in a specific country or region is I, and we should respect it.If you be involved in human life further, it’s a position to also recommended for animal experiments.Of course, it’s opposed to it wildly, killing animals, and when you see and hear the story of an animal deprived of life mischief, play, by poaching, feel heat.That’s why, it can be said the (animal rights) Animal Rights, is a concept very important in some aspects, and to be the thing that was very stupid in some aspect.

About to back the story a little, eat whale, I would like to express their opinions only a little more.In the West, eating cow, pig, sheep, etc., a variety of meat.Cooking methods are also admirable, I have built a great food culture.This may be the result of sophisticated in the long history.For example, in the French restaurant, the stew carefully Zobutsu and intestines, remove the smell, which is transformed into a great food.In Spanish, there will be opportunities offered ham Iberian pig.It was thought that you eat acorns to pigs, to give depth to the taste is worthy of respect.

But for a long time, they did not eat meat, such as beef and pork in Japan.So about those culture of Westerners, Japanese old said he was savage.When you face a culture that does not know of his or her own panic, people you may not be able to understand.But on the tables of us, pork and beef are arranged as a matter of course now.This Would not the result that a Japanese to understand the culture of the West.

Cattle and pigs is good, why whales would not eat.Is sometimes said to be compared to cattle and pigs, and do not eat whale is intelligent.But do not no difference that pigs cattle whale It is also one of life.In sinful creature, and that it eating something, man has maintained a life.Because it is vegetarian, some people anything that did not kill yourself, but there’s life in the same way in grass and trees.In all cases, man’s alive while shouldering such a crime.

That’s why I think that it might be should be allowed to for essential food to understand for a variety of cultures, it is not a useless killing.Not even willing to say this way of thinking is correct, of course, nor willing to say that they should favor.But only for the animal, this book is an interesting book that asks how humans should go face that’s for sure.