Gather attention spear folly music ranch “Wagyu owner Commercial Code”, “Wagyu deposit Code” problem re-emergence

Safety folly music ranch affected by the problems caused by radioactivity nuclear accident.It is said that consumer damage that could become the largest post-war, but the first place it seems to have been business model high-risk.

Cash flow is as deteriorated, such as nuclear power plant accident, fell in depreciation folly music ranch problem in financial difficulties, targeting investors from the owner of Wagyu Commercial Code, the movement of the defense team formation is in progress all over the country such as Tokyo.It is said that 61.9 billion ¥ 87,050,000 at March 31 2011, also that there is a risk of consumer harm postwar largest total liabilities.

Is the business model of safety folly music ranch, and Wagyu owner Commercial Code, but are not limited to, those to raise funds in the manner solicit investment from member as the owner of breeding cattle, and dividend gain on the sale of calves born.In 1996-97 around, companies that fraud does not pay dividends of “Wagyu deposit Code” rampant, went bankrupt there were many.Among such, it is folly safety music ranch and was stable at sound management.

However, during the last 10 years, or mad cow disease (BSE), foot-and-mouth disease epidemic, and the fatal accident of saline of this spring, the problems associated with beef occurs frequently.The view in due to the influence of these, it was management is getting worse, nuclear accident is when it did not even kept stabbing it is.

Under such circumstances, “Wagyu deposit Code” problem was also resurfaced.The National Consumer Affairs Center of Japan, June 3, consultation secondary damage to the victim of the “Wagyu deposit Code”, and approached to talk to “regain the damage gold”, to claim any cost suspected been received more recently it was to clear When you are.Since regain full amount to “damage deposit, will be introduced as a case lawyer.Cases like that was recommended on the phone with “I want to leave and as attorneys’ fees of 40% of the damage first gold have been introduced.

Nominal cost for damage recovery, a variety of corporate bond purchase, deposit money supply, and real estate purchase, case you willing to pay this cost, not regain the gold actually damage that is increasing.Therefore, do not trust absolutely be approached talk like this on the phone suddenly, you are called for consultation on consumer service center of the municipality when you worry.

It ‘s risk sticks to investment, but I would like to warn it efforts on fully understand the degree of risk, you do not go to damage, such as fraud.

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Yanaze Nanami, Hideyuki Kato [Author]

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