Buddhist followers release into the river fish … a large amount of residents delight = Beijing! “Feast”

The 14th, Buddhism believers released into the river Taunagi large amounts of one after the other as part of the events of “Obon” in Beijing.It’s the act called gain merit by applying a mercy to creatures as “Fengcheng”.Neighborhood residents gathered after a while, caught a hard Taunagi.From who to hand the fishing rod, voice “feast has entered the hand” and was asked.Chugokushinbunsha is reported.

From the 14th morning, ritual Feast of Lanterns clause (tray) was performed Tibetan Buddhist temple in Beijing city, in the Yonghe Temple.Believers who worship the one after another, I release the “Taunagi” in a nearby river.An act called the purpose of which is to gain merit “Applying compassion to all living things” by the “Fengcheng”, it’s fairly prosperous among Buddhists in China.

But neighborhood residents in hand fishing rod at the same time gathering, and Jintori beside Buddhism believers to “Fengcheng” and began fishing the Taunagi hard.Was Fengcheng fish “a lot, but in the immediate vicinity, had been tempted after another from the Buddhist believers.Voice with unpleasant feelings in any way, “went up.

Conflict concrete between the two has not been told.I is considered to be the feelings of “I want to avoid unnecessary conflict and anger at the person” strong an avid believer in Buddhism also related.

On the other hand, bring back to the “home from the person who caught the Taunagi.Feast “, that” people we will have a Fengcheng.In us, we are caught.You are asked to voice Because’m not to disturb each other, and “if they were not good.

The fishing hundreds of animals, many people, and left for home with full a large plastic bag of bringing.


◆ Tibetan Buddhist temple in Beijing city’s largest commentary ◆ Yonghe Temple (Gelug).In 1725, Emperor Yongzheng of the Qing Dynasty given to the Gelug the part of the king Office of Prince era, Emperor Qianlong was a Tibetan Buddhist temple officially (1744).

Most of the Mongolian monk of Inner Mongolia from.Believer is not limited to the Tibetan and Mongolian, Han often.


“Fengcheng” is one of the religious act of Chinese Buddhists prefer, there is also criticism.Because to the Fengcheng no “meaning, that amount, that the creature is captured to see fish and turtles” Fengcheng for “is being sold in the precincts of the temple foreigners who visited Beijing in the early 20th century It is recorded and the like “as.

Creature to “Fengcheng” is, but different fish, turtles, birds, snakes, frogs.sometimes because some believers were “Fengcheng” and snake of a good catch, it became commotion.Cause disturbing the “ecosystem.Some point out a possibility that killed many creatures rather is a “certain.(Editors: Kisaragi Hayato)