Kenichi Ohmae Mr. runway retirement of Carlos Ghosn Renault reverse takeover of Nissan

Global restructuring is progressing in the automotive industry, but how alliances in the future what will.Kenichi Ohmae said management consultant to analyze.He seems to focus on the movement of Nissan Motor Co., Ltd..

I think the winner of this from the automotive industry,’s camp that did well alliances probably.Era of expanding its market share gradually on its own is over.Market in developed countries is almost mature, the company that comes from the old days as VW and GM of China because strong in the market of developing countries and emerging economies.In the future, be incorporated into the alliance a strong company in each market, or exchange the car, you can reduce costs and common platform, or to sell the network of each other niche of each other is important it is.

In such a reverse takeover Nissan, should (reverse takeover) Renault.Renault is strong in its own way in Europe, share high in Eastern Europe such as Romania in particular, but more of Nissan’s top much as a company.In my calculations, the market capitalization of Renault, is less than the amount obtained by multiplying the holding ratio of market capitalization to Renault Nissan.This means that the market capitalization of Renault itself is always close to zero as possible,’s a natural form Nissan’s fit under its umbrella Renault.

The specific method, solve the current “twist” to make a (holding company) Nissan Renault holding company, by replacing the stock of Nissan (shareholders rejoice) shares in Renault at a constant rate.Shareholders of Renault also becomes Berry happy to be able Nissan take the initiative if so.It is a subtle French government is the largest shareholder whether the agreement, but this is in doubt “runway of retirement” of the best for Ghosn.

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