Nippon Paper Industries offer the City Council delegation party Ishinomaki, Miyagi / quit beheading

For that Nippon Paper with locations factory in Ishinomaki City, Miyagi Prefecture is, has come up with a workforce reduction of 1300 people in five plants such as Ishinomaki, the 15th, the Japanese Communist Party Ishinomaki City Council delegation visited the plant, employment and suitable for “large companies I was ordered to take emergency and “to secure.

Mizusawa Fujie city council and city council leader Kazutoshi Miura participants.Noting related companies in industrial port hinterland and marine fabricators local’re Fumitodoma~tsu to protect the employment, job cuts “Nippon Paper, will blow you immense for the economy of Ishinomaki.I was asked to be a “should demonstrate what this time of national crisis, the large corporate social responsibility.

“Since the collapse of Lehman Brothers, the demand for paper is reduced by 20 percent Nakata Kazuhiro affairs section chief was answering.The earthquake is “multiplied by the Pursuit In addition, we stated purpose of the” Overture and “tell the plant manager.

1,500 people are working in Ishinomaki Mill, but was undecided what people can do to reduce them.

Citizen interest is growing in the workforce reduction problem of the company.Communist Party city council team is the first offer of job security to the company’s.

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