How can explain why [China] China BBS is made aircraft carrier, the Japanese?

The other day, test navigation of China’s first aircraft carrier has been made.To make a thread to horizon, Inc. District, attrition Lord seems to Taiwan people, seeking explanations to Japan to Chinese net users about this.Will be introduced on the Japanese translation of Chinese BBS below.The rustic impressions by editing unit in ().


● main thread: everyone Togo Heihachiro Chinese, please explain soon!


● because daisuyu, aircraft carrier is because it is necessary for us.And it is not just one ship.And we will be able to firmly protect the territory of us in this.

● gxxcwz it is, because you regain Okinawa.I’m including the Senkaku Islands, of course!

● The ~ It is because to protect the peace of the world KARYBITEBITE. (I think no one believe)

● mountain wind reason is simple.The purpose is to sink to the bottom of the Pacific Ocean to Japan, and not get up again!

● One reason 湘 2337: to defeat Japan.Order to unify Taiwan: the two reasons.

● because God Ma Shi-ku Ukigumo ye, I make it autonomous region by reducing the Japan.

● If there is a nobility NO1 aircraft carrier, It is because need not be an extra explanation to anyone.

● I need an 迷茫 unto neat Nde described?When the Japanese aircraft carriers with, or been described in China?

● Why is AV Is that legal in Japan and Ali Yoto name one direct overlap?Please explain early. (Story but totally different)

● abc1441956 it is a thing of catching fish.You are free to how do not believe Do you believe, but I myself believe. (This wording I’m still prevalent on the net of China) because to protect the energy resources and territory of Japan ● hehiroki.And catching fish and go out to the Senkaku Islands if you have time.If there is still time, and to see in night scene to go over Tokyo in 殲 -15!

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