The fire = Sichuan explosion of light bulb, household appliances following people from the apartment each household

At around 5 pm on the 14th, a light bulb in use on each household began to explode in the rental apartment of No. 19 Institute of Chengdu, Sichuan Province, part path Nishidan.Other home appliances also blew the fire one after the other.Chengdu business bulletin was reported.

According to the resident female, light bulb is brighter many times everyday when you have a Shitaku of meal, and exploded in the next instant.At the same time, electric cooker while the power is also started out the blue smoke.

Other households also the same, “fan makes a smoke” as well as a light bulb, “TV blew the fire”, “refrigerator broke out”, complained of “PC was also done” and is one after another.

I believed for some reason, a high voltage outlet household took.I called the repair workers, but it says “unable to repair today”, and turned back.There is a notification of a “can not use the electricity still” is also the 15th, residents spent the night dark inconvenience again.(Editors: Kisaragi Hayato)