Whipping and hanging son stole gold, citizen of extreme corporal punishment witnessed trembling fear.

In order to scold my child, sometimes parents raise their hands at the time, but it is just violence it once staggering degree.Extreme corporal punishment this time, children who stole the money of parents raised hung in the streets, that is whipped further has been witnessed in China.Citizen you’ve seen the whole story is that frightened “that you have seen such a terrible education is not” a.

According to the Chinese media Xinmin network, morning August 14, this one reviews that Rao in four mountain villages in the Shanghai Pudong New Area.As a result of out of the house trying to go out, Ning, who witnessed the scene, heard the painful cry of a child.It has been able to crowd a lot of the front of the building of the park, to the laundry pole as high as 2 meters, boy tied with a rope hands and feet are hanging up when I look well well.In that side, middle-aged men was holding a leather belt with a formidable Form.

And, men pummeled the boy with a belt Omomuroni.Voice of wailing boy “Can not do anymore!” And that resounded around.Citizens trying to somehow stop this cruel corporal punishment, but can not be stopped, Whipping finally continued in nearly 30 minutes, it was supposed to be reported to the police by citizens.

It was found later, this boy that boy of 12 years old attending school of Anhui, by using the summer vacation, and with was visiting parents working in Shanghai as migrant workers.The boy has been sent to immerse yourself in the game without even studying in there “lazy life”, there was a foreshadowing that was always scolded from parents.The work evil in the people, that steal the rent earned parents hanging Asemizu Do you really think I will allo day such, yet so ran out most the money stolen.Parents that had been put up which also lose its cord of patience at last, and that has led to the extremist corporal punishment like this.

Given the perspective of parents who cut down their lives, earns money desperately for children, anger itself is not not understand, but it’s running into excessive still violence it would be teaching the wrong.Gofuyu’s Shanghai 匯業 law firm were asked their opinions on this matter as well, haircut “This is domestic violence typical” and.The experience these is likely to be traumatic for a child, that it is easy to birth antisocial, violent character when you grow into an adult, you are prompted to self-weight parents.