Protest as “dog meat opposite!” International animal rights groups, in Chubei Embassy of the Republic of Korea before

As is in the habit of eating whale meat in Japan, the habit of eating dog meat is still persist in Korea.Soup dish using dog meat is called “Homiyu (Poshintan)” and and are favored as nourishing food to get through the day-to-day hot when it comes to summer.

Protests to oppose for dog food culture of Korea is such, seems to have done in Chubei Embassy of the Republic of Korea before the Washington, DC, USA.

The 16th, according to the “(International Day of Action for Dogs and Cats in Korea) International Day of Action for dogs and cats of the 7th Korea”, In Defense of Animals of international animal rights groups (IDA) is dog food I went protests of culture.The five group members, has a panel that has been written, “rather than a food friend (Friend Not Food)” or “(Companion or Cuisine) whether the friend, and whether the cuisine”, “South Korea abused dogs and cats, The protest was shouting to kill, and “white immediately stop the act of eating.

One of the members, is Arlen Porter said, “from a few years ago (CARE) love animals practice Association of Korea, we have been working for the associated legislation and litigation for the breeding farm closure of the dog” I explained that.Furthermore, the “Many Koreans know that you love peace, many people have a cat and a dog,” and has also been shown that (edible dog) is a tradition “this, but no I spoke to the “hopes.

It is also revealed that the IDA began Chubei Embassy of the Republic of Korea before, hold a protest activities Australia state and one of 10 the United States, Canada, Ireland, and even in South Africa.

Currently, have their pros and cons, some in Korea for dog meat, the voice of doubt has come out if dog meat do we need to really era food rich.On the Internet in Korea, I criticize the only dog ​​meat Korean culture “Why.Eating even China and Vietnam “, I think I ate did not have food is” a long time ago, but that there is no need to eat now, “disgusting” Honestly, I dog meat, “says I,” animal protection but if chickens and pigs will be of?Different opinions such as “Thats are eating has been focused.

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