Okinawa hijacking of Chinese affluent in the “multiple-entry visa?”

From reputational damage caused by radiation leakage accident at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, the number of foreign tourists since the earthquake, visit Japan was depleted.Among such, those “Okinawa multiple-entry visa,” as that has become a hot topic in China.

The “Okinawa multiple-entry visa” this, to increase the number of Chinese tourists, known as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the visa has been issued new from July 1.It is possible to target the (3 million yen over at about 250,000 yuan / Japanese Yen annual income) wealthy Chinese, to visit again and again Japan than three years in the issuance of one degree, stay once the longest 90 a-days.Points up to 180 days in the year, stay at least 1 night, that it must stay in Okinawa Prefecture to stay for the first time are required.

It is this visa there is aim starting from the Okinawa is a tourist destination is also popular in Chinese, and try to visit the Chinese tourists more, but it is not announced much in Japanese actually is accepting.But not even the need for Chinese because it is of course, but for Okinawa Chinese tourists crowd, talking about another.Chen, who served as hostess for Chinese tour groups to says.

People who come to remember a simple Japanese in advance is less “Chinese.It may sound grumpy through in Chinese, if you do not Spoken.So, lack of preparation Okinawa side is worried.As far as last week, I went to Naha, Chinese representation of the sign is also not in time at all, and the clerk of the shop can not even price negotiation in Chinese.This is bad ”

Green light that was out behind the scenes at the end of last year, this multiple-entry visa.But temporary shelved the impact of the earthquake.And approved by the Cabinet in late May, started operation July 1 has been determined.In one month preparation period has passed, there is no should be able to such as support for local and accept Chinese tourists.

Even if asked to come much trouble “, What if I let the handicapped think in various situations, the second time otherwise come to.Well this I’m not a promotion measures long-term.The DPJ government to do just erratic policy, Okinawa inside is’ll also tired (anger) “(Okinawa Chamber of Commerce and Industry stakeholders Mr. S)

Chen, to show off the following additional future forecast map a “dangerous” further.

Is “culture bribes” to “China.Therefore expansions are considered future is very simple.Many of the Chinese tour operators, we will take a Large Groups and restaurants souvenir shop to get a kickback.Already, shop “such” capital of China is equipped Ginza, Shinjuku, Akihabara, Odaiba, take the tourists there everyone in Tokyo.Language problem will also be cleared at the same time if so.Not only that, there is a possibility in the future, Souvenir shop also bus restaurant hotel also become China capital all in Okinawa ”

Was introduced as a tourism promotion in Okinawa and Japan, “Okinawa multiple-entry visa”.I’m just hope that this does not become the beginning of the “takeover Okinawa” by the Chinese capital.

(Interview / Suganuma Kei)

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