Directive “This do in Japan flow” with Operation Tomodachi Kozenisuki Colonel

This time, and the Self-Defense Forces who was active in the Great East Japan Earthquake in this magazine SAPIO, was subjected to all-out coverage to 120 people the officials.I introduce the story of Makoto Kasamatsu 1 Sasaki of the Ground Self-Defense Force Staff Office international defense cooperation chief here.

I went into the Sendai airport on March 18.It was a mission as local adjustment director of the Japan-US Joint Coordination office, standing between the United States Armed Forces who participated in “Operation Tomodachi” with the parties concerned on the Japanese side, is to adjust the restoration work.

Private companies such as undertake the ministry, prefectural government, Airport Office, the civil airport, I participated from the Self-Defense Forces and each commander, Marine Corps Camp Fuji Army, Air Force, and Okinawa from the U.S. military side from Japanese side Te, I held a coordination meeting from 9:00 every morning.

I would like to revive the Sendai Airport as soon as possible, we are all together.But impatience is recruited by an amount such thought is strong, conflict is also being increased.

At the meeting, in fact, the language barrier Me Not a big deal.To be many times sprinkled with gestures, something to say to each other generally is one that is transmitted.Become an obstacle to the best than it is the difference culture gap, the concept of.

For example, U.S. forces side to seek efficient work whereas the request “I want to say now, what you want to be” and “work is not it? Make progress this way,” said the Japanese side is doing “This I can not say quite that “it is called” trouble such as “.I would growing increasingly distrustful of them to the other.

Under such circumstances, one of the reasons why this strategy is successful is that there was a person who is willing to understand the existence of a gap in Japan and the U.S. in the U.S. military.One of them, the Kozenisuki Colonel of Marines who rushed to the Sendai airport itself by direct appeal to the boss dispatched disaster area, “here’m not the United States time and again to his men.It was telling me that it “trying to do Japanese-style.

Another reason for this strategy is successful is that people who to be referred to as a professional was often.Among them, there were also those who though had a hard time really can be affected while facing a critically ill child wearing a ventilator, had attended the meeting of the morning without getting even belching such a thing.It had us do our best for restoration as soon as possible to all.

A result, the recovery work that appeared to be take six months initially, taking off and landing of aircraft is now available in about three weeks only.

That day I finished the work, the U.S. military would leave, suddenly, Otsubo protect airports length drew them.If I think of what I to, I began to read a sentence of thanks that “words of thanks ……”.The simple and honest, but while listening to the words of airport length gratitude was jam-packed full, I would shed tears involuntarily.It was the moment when the heart of the team of Operation Tomodachi became one.

※ 17 days-24 issue August SAPIO2011 years