I pay attention to Nadeshiko FIFA official HP fight Germany Ando and colleagues Nagasato

Ahead in the 21st opening of the women’s Bundesliga, official of HP FIFA (Federation Internationale de Football Association) is focused on the players of Nadeshiko Japan.

FIFA is an article “battle multiplied by the title begins” and the official HP.As well as prompt attention to women’s Bundesliga kicks off this weekend, “fans, looking forward to reunion with the heroine who was active in Women’s World Cup 2011.And Germany national team, star international players to enter the Bundesliga.Mention also that is in this, Kozue Ando of Duisburg, which won the champion, Yuki Nagasato of Potsdam, Saki Kumagai of Frankfurt also “are included, Japanese players of three people are enrolled.I was suggesting a high level of interest in our Pink.

In addition, photo listed the (trophy) Meister dish has appeared in Nagasato played a championship last season as a member, of Potsdam in this article.As we won the World Cup, interest in Pink gather us, three people wonder can leave the results.The 21st season of Nadeshiko who in Germany kicks off.

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