Takaaki Yamada – Proposals towards the possible To-ka of methane hydrate and resurrection of Tokyo gas fields

Bold measures We need to blow off the mood stagnation of the Japanese economy.

It’s gas fields in the East China Sea that are in dispute and China’s always been attracting attention as a gas field in the country, but we should try turning the feet of his own even more.

Huge “South Kanto gas field” is sleeping beneath the Tokyo.Recoverable reserves are 368.5 billion cubic meters of it to be due to the Kantoten’nengasukaihatsu Co., Ltd..About 72 million tons = LNG imports of Japan since about 100 billion cubic meters, which is equivalent to 3.7 years of annual import volume.On the other hand, the annual sales volume of Tokyo Gas is so about 14 billion cubic meters, when it is based on the local consumption, reserve-production ratio is about ’26.

In fact, up to half a century ago, gas drilling has been carried out in many places in Tokyo.Are collected in a manner to pump underground water because water gas.However, it was banned because it caused the subsidence.
Not hand to keep the sleep underground resources of only this.Should end up with a full.

The cause land subsidence If I throw it away the groundwater pumped up is commonplace, you and me to live if you revert to the underground again the water pressure should be applied for short.

Capital country and make a bold deregulation, if even that clear conditions, you should give a development permit to the private sector even in the inner city.That it is a particularly promising is known, such as Koto.Alternatively, there is also a hand by Tokyo Gas and capital to develop jointly.

Currently, the unit price for household gas in Tokyo’s about 145 yen per one cubic meter.The dawn of the “Tokyo Gas Field” revival, it should be less than 100 yen in this.Future electricity bill from going up in price, it is not balanced if you do not lower the value of the person of the gas at the very least.

Simply because it is underground resources of its own, can be utilized as a regulating valve provides cheap gas when the economy deteriorated, and return to the normal price when good.Now, the domestic economy is getting worse.For quick measures, top-down decision I need.People close to the Governor want you whispered by all means a proposal or more.

Well, it can be a big trump card for further Japan’s methane hydrate (ice-like methane).It is not only in deep water and permafrost because it can not exist only at low temperatures under high pressure.Japanese waters, methane hydrate resource development research consortium of public and private science, have confirmed the presence of a large amount in the Nankai Trough, especially.And that more than a hundred years’ worth of domestic demand.However, it is far from the pay of current drilling technology, and not in a recoverable reserves for now.

Exploration spanning more than ten years, the consortium’s already created a detailed distribution map.Alternating layers of sand mud mud and sand of the seabed overlap alternately, methane hydrate crowded fall into this sand layer, and it forms a concentrated zone.On land tests carried out in the permafrost of Canada, the consortium has successfully taken the world’s first.In this case, the result of pressure reduction method is more effective than the heating method for the production is out, but they’ve stopped the pump sand chew.

There immediately large resources.It is establishing a drilling technique called “involves harvesting at low cost how” now.But, it is a solid, I’m shallow widely distributed in the surface layer of the sea floor.Moreover, it’s sand mingled with mud.It is foreign to the conventional gas fields in the artesian pressure if the pipe Tsukisase.Therefore, collecting ideas and methods quite different from the conventional is required.

So I have to propose it’s “vacuum cleaner method”.Shape of the nozzle’s rectangle similar to the vacuum cleaner.However, it is in the oversized dozens m vertically and horizontally.Is allowed to start the vacuum pump offshore platform on, go suck sand mud each of seabed in this.I is authentic in the “giant vacuum cleaner” just.

However, since as many as one thousand m under deep water in some places, it is necessary to install a booster pump to a certain distance of each pipe.Diaphragm vacuum pump inhalable sand each is appropriate in this.It’s the same principle to fix clogged toilet as “rubber cup”.

On the other hand, ice-like methane since vaporized at sea, it is generated by the expansion force, and power of vacuum pump or the like.I will send to land at a stretch in the gas hose.It is a gas transport.Is repeated to move a little bit … This is strictly measured by the GPS position of the platform, ice-like methane and also, you no longer get.

Thus, the distribution form is because different from the prior art, it is natural collection process be different.The dawn of the variable To-ka, it may prove to be the cheapest ever fossil energy by Japan to hand.Is allowed to spread throughout Japan in the pipeline grid it, and he as a new driving force of Japanese companies.May be with a view to exports to China and South Korea in the future.The low birthrate and aging society, the way of eating a meal resource-exporting country but also it is thought.

It is that the revival of this “Tokyo gas field”, in soluble To-ka of methane hydrate, 3.11 since, I want you to blow off the air in Japan stagnate.
(Takaaki Yamada freelance writer)