Defeat next to the time axis of life

After the earthquake, has changed the most thought my, It ‘s time for the axis of life.
 No one injured in the earthquake and I Fortunately, relatives were also all safe, but it was felt in the skin that is not amusing what time human being could die This was the first.
 office that I have spent a lot of time in rags who stand around Built in ’50, I do not know when to collapse in an earthquake.
 Until before the earthquake, it was something of my life plan be the same as many people, how quickly, and earn a lot, and that trying to enjoying the rich later life.The usual case, and hardening the foundation firmly up to 60 years old and celebrate the retirement age.The spear is a hobby After that, like traveling, bought a villa, and stored until now, live on a pension.
 However, in the back of one’s head feels everyone that this is unlikely such a realistic.Pension is different tens of millions pension to receive a pension to pay Shirezu, between generations and may fail.I do not know the life of the company is reduced, a single company or survive until retirement.Even make a plan to retire at 60, it may be necessary to work until eventually die.
 Of the story of the myth of the four wrote in the previous blog, I could not agree with the life plan that leave all the big business mythology, the company, and I was scared very.So, I thought it was going to get the skills to enter the global company, can be independent of their own arm.And I took a job in consulting firms of foreign.
 However, a better way is found suddenly.I some entrepreneurial.1999, venture market can be in Japan suddenly, as long as users ideas and technology, VC has provided us with the funds, not a may be able to earn money a lot in a short period of time if any IPO I.
 So, I was starting a business.Stop it a consulting firm that has been working at the age of 24, made a venture company with three fellow.I was Nokka~tsu the story of entrepreneurship.
 The goal is only one, and earns more than anyone else before anyone else, I can make the time and money to live a life that do things like to be retired quickly.You do not need to be Nantes wait up to 60 years in large companies.
 5 years Hopefully, the dream’s come true.Anyway, earning how efficiently, or hasten the retirement.This was the issue.50 instead of 60.40 instead of 50.30 instead of 40.
 When you entrepreneurs, I (not a lie I do not think only joke but I was serious, and so are a lot of successful people in 30 before around my actual) was scheduled to retire at the age of 30
 Goal as a result, I called to the listed company did not come true.
 I’ve written a long time, but it’s common to these stories is, it is in “active duty and retired”.
 As a goal of some sort, I run through with full force until there “retirement”.
 And earn a lot of money early, you can retire at 30 instead of 60.And I was thinking from there, and, he begins a new life.
 By the time there, and driving to work at full power, if you pick a (retirement) some point, all is now in private.Given the length of life, all will be pure white and sacrificed single-mindedly until it reaches a certain line, it reaches a certain line.Is the concept of work → retirement of traditional it.
 The idea that began to change in fact it would be more than six years ago already, but became decisive in the recent disaster.
 I, was aiming to retire early, but until now, there even may not be able to retire and remains this.He was impatient.What are you going to do If you can not retire Become a 50 and 60.What if I lost everything earthquake come again at that time, what would that fastest finishes.
 So I threw away the stereotypes.Now, about why would hesitate to get a fruit of life after retirement.
 Defeat next to the time axis of life. 
 The Tsuppashiri on him to retire, and does not send a second life from the time a.
 The Shimae bring in the current hour, the second life that I want to spend.
 60-year-old to work for 40 years, to retire 20 years of remaining.I try to defeat the next plan of the vertical.
 Retired at 20: 40 work
 So, assuming you are working five days a week now, calculated by working the 3rd and a half and just put on Saturday and Sunday, and that the retirement three and a half days.This is the thing that beat next to me say, the time axis of life.
 And, let’s enjoy what it is you want.
 Now, it is to good to go to climb Everest,
 Can I start making a log cabin, and is good to go out to travel around the world
 Can I start the artistic activities, and it good to start the NPO activity
 Anything, should I get started that favorite.
 After all, by its side was a thing of the vertical, the order is no longer in the life.
 ○ ○ It is the order of life after you, and that’s, to the ○ ○.
 After you have a job, what what to.
 When you become a manager, what what to.
 Economic strength gets on, I can finally get married.
 When a child is safely entered the university, I will do ○ ○.
 When the accumulated money, I make a ○ ○.
 When you retire … and, to undertake that I want to do my own
 This is life with the order.In other words life of vertical.
 There is no order in the life of horizontal.
 While the business management, to live abroad also.
 While Himalayan, also be written this.
 While raising children, but also travel.
 The money, to use for that you can not only now.
 And that you want to do, it’s to hold at the same time the active life.And, beyond the time and place, and driven into the favorite thing.
 It is a style that I believe this is.
 Nomad get on well with the style.not to say that the traveler that is not settled simply, the called Nomad that I have done, people that can be down next to the time axis of life, even the map of life is also a journey right now round and round ‘s such.
 In my case, the image of what you want to do, when I write for the time being To Tsuratsura
 • Can not tell many people to write a book of his own thought,
 · Be seen with the eyes of this world of their own as much as possible, from the city of Africa, from the forests of the Sierra Nevada, to the top of Everest, it is what it all over the place,
 – And, to enjoy the art, I want to make myself.Actually I also want to write scenarios or novel
 · To that you talk about what an exciting and kindred spirit of minority, was raised up from the project Among them, will change the world actually.It may be business, or it may be non-profit business.
 – And to tell my experience to people that follow.
 I’m not married to not even kids, parenting might also interesting maybe.It’s such a place.And, interest will will change a lot.I think that you want to do more will increase.Are endless what you want to do.In order to exhaustively do it, better to start early is good.Defeat next to the time axis of life.Right now.
 In addition:
 When written as defunct (misunderstanding, entrepreneurship itself was interesting to death.I is the best event of my life.Also, did a job at consulting firm was also his best events, it was really interesting.And now, it is moving in various ways in order to make it more interesting life now)
 Postscript 2:
 Work balance theory with different.I wrote 3.5 and retire in week 3.5, but in fact, when you kill next time axis, distinction and retired work I no longer.It’s become one.