The “work to do does not change” is also partner in Tajikistan change Zack, from Syria

The 19th, to disqualify Syria was in the group C the same as Japan in Asia three preliminary round of the Brazilian World Cup, and Tajikistan, which has been lost to Syria in two preliminary round of July instead of the FIFA (Federation Internationale de Football Association) It has announced that it will compete in three preliminary round.

Syria will play against Tajikistan in the secondary qualifying, I had made three preliminary round advance in two races total 6-1.However, because it was appointed player with no qualifications for entry is Syria, and the defeat of Syria 0-3 with two games in the violations, FIFA has decided to Tajikistan in Group C of the third-order qualifying.

In response to this decision, through the HP JFA (Japan Football Association), Alberto Zaccheroni Japan coach comments “where even if there is a partner, nothing changes to work their will need to do” and., Including the “staff, Hiromi Hara technology chairman also want to collect information of Tajikistan now.However, you are “‘s important that you first go to concentrate on two games of September.

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