Suicide, such as individual investors in the spate of pessimism … Korea The stock crash

While unchecked a chain of falling stock prices worldwide, suicide, such as individual investors that are one after another in South Korea.It alone has been reported in South Korea, over the past 10 days here, suicides caused by up to five people stock market rout.

At around 5 pm on the 18th, staff of suppliers found Mr. A man of 37-year-old from have died in the car of the track according to reports.It is seen from the fact that there was a briquettes burned the car, that it has Briquettes suicide.According to the police, recently, A’s that was suffering had a loss of several billion won on the stock market.

Was found at 10:00 pm on the 18th, it’s died in the motel man B Sanga, South Chungcheong Province, Asan 37-year-old.The police from the wife of Mr. B does not return home, leaving a message that hints at suicide from husband.Rescue team was dispatched, but had already died.Suicide note that says “I’m sorry to say first?” Is found from the field.Mr. B is not attached to the regular job, I had a loss of 100 million won (about 7 million yen) or more on the stock market in recent years.

Prior to this, in Chungbuk, Cheongju in the 17th, and then commit suicide by jumping from the 13th floor apartment C men’s 46-year-old home of their own.According to the police, suicide note written “and for no than the stock investment in order to get the kind of results, I’m sorry,” and has been left in the field, it is seen as those suicide bother the failure of stock.

In addition, a housewife Mr. D in Busan and North Zone and the 14th, and a loss of 60 million won (about 4.22 million yen) on the stock market, was suicide to bother with debt.10 days, E’s securities company staff suicide in the apartment of Taegu and Suseong District.The E’s, stocks and customers you have “management, option maturity securities plunged, huge loss came out.I had to leave a message with the “sorry to acquaintances and family.

In response to that suicide is one after another in the stock market crash, opinion of the need for care in the heart of investors who failed in stocks have come up in Korea.Lee chamfer professor of psychiatry B 支大 hospital is said, “those who failed in the strain, until regain a stable mind, must be avoided such statements hurt the self-esteem” and.

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(Sentence: Yumi Hayashi)

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